pineapple vinegar

Pineapple vinegar tastes great in a salad dressing!

Pineapple Vinegar Recipe

This will take 3-5 weeks. It will store well in a cool cupboard for up to 1 year

You will be fermenting pineapple and sugar to make vinegar. Mine got bubbly on the second day and kept going. At about 2-3 weeks the liquid will start to get clear and less cloudy. It will start to smell and taste sour.

A gelatinous raft will form on top. That is called, the mother. It looks gross, but it is part of the fermentation process. You can use that to start your next batch of vinegar. It will cut down the fermentation time. You can try other fruits and juices.


Makes about 3 cups

the peel and core from 1 whole fresh pineapple

4 cups water

1 cup brown sugar

2 quart jars (empty tomato sauce or canning jar)


First, make sure your jar is really clean.

Before you cut skin off the pineapple, wash it really well with cold running water.

Cut pineapple skin and core into chunks to fit in your jars

Mix water and sugar until sugar dissolves

Divide all ingredients in half and put in the 2 jars

Cover the jars with cloth or paper towel and a rubber band. We want some air to get into the jars.

Store in a cool dark place 3-4 weeks.

Stir every few days to prevent mold.

Taste at 3 weeks. It should taste tangy and sour with a hint of pineapple.If you want a stronger taste let it sit and taste again in a week. Repeat until you like the vinegar flavor.

Strain and cover the jars withtight lids.

Store in a cool dry place for up to a year.

To start your next batch pour off ¾ of the vinegar and save to use. Then pour the mother into a new jar, top off with 100% fruit juice, well washed fruit peels or left over wine and start over.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size - 4 Tablespoons, 30 calories, 0 Fat, 0 Cholesterol, 0 Sodium,7.7 g Carbohydrates3%, .2g Dietary Fiber, 7.2g Sugar, 0.1g protein, 1% Calcium

Source: Ohio State University Extension, Ask an Expert

Last updated October 7, 2020