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Supporting the next generation of veterinarians!

4-H Veterinary Science Program

Teens ages 13 to 19 with an interest in animals and veterinary science careers should consider joining our 4-H Veterinary Science Program! The program is coordinated in partnership with SUNY Ulster and takes place from March through April. Area veterinarians and other speakers will provide virtual instruction and lectures. Youth will explore the normal animal, including attitude and behavior, maintaining animal health, and the organs and systems of the animal body. Animal diseases will be discussed including viruses, bacteria, and parasites that affect animal health. The instructors will also discuss the profession of veterinary science and career paths.

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A very special "THANK YOU" to Dr. Beth Alden, Professor of Biology and coordinator of the SUNY Ulster Vet Tech Program, for her many years of service to the 4-H Veterinary Science Program!


Melanie Forstrom
4-H Program Issue Leader
845-340-3990 ext. 341

Last updated February 8, 2021