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Healthy Ulster Council

The Healthy Ulster Council is a coalition of agencies and organizations serving Ulster County that meets bi-monthly for professional development, networking, and collective action. Meetings foster communications, awareness, and potential synergies in and among participating organizations and individuals working on various aspects of community wellness and prevention. The mission of HUC is to strengthen collaboration between organizations working to promote wellness, prevent illness and improve health outcomes through collective action and projects. The vision is for Ulster County to be a place where a strong culture of health supports healthy lifestyles for people of different socio-economic backgrounds.

The Healthy Ulster Council is an Ulster County Department of Health community coalition. The Ulster County Department of Health partners with Cornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County for assistance with coordination and facilitation of the Healthy Ulster Council.

2023 Meeting Resources & Recordings

January 12, 2023

HUC Meeting Notes 1.12.2023

HUC Meeting Recording 1.12.2023

HUC Meeting Agenda PPT 1.12.2023

HUC CHSC PPT 1.12.2023

March 9, 2023

HUC Meeting Notes 3.9.2023

HUC Meeting Recording 3.9.2023

HUC Meeting Agenda PPT 3.9.2023

HUC ERH PPT 3.9.2023

HUC EFNEP PPT 3.9.2023

May 11, 2023

HUC Meeting Notes 5.11.2023

HUC Meeting Recording 5.11.2023

HUC Meeting Agenda 5.11.2023

HUC Meeting PPT 5.11.2023

HUC Health Alliance PPT 5.11.2023

HUC TFAC PPT 5.11.23

HUC Turquoise Takeover 5.11.2023

July 13, 2023

HUC Meeting Notes 7.13.2023

HUC Meeting Recording 7.13.2023

HUC Meeting Agenda 7.13.2023

HUC Meeting PPT 7.13.2023

HUC Meeting COVID-19 PPT 7.13.2023

HUC Meeting UC Inventory for Health PPT 7.13.2023

September 14, 2023

HUC Meeting Notes 9.14.2023

HUC Meeting Recording 9.14.2023

HUC Meeting Agenda 9.14.2023

HUC Meeting Technical Assistance Opportunities for Municipalities Supporting NYS Climate Smart Communities PPT 9.14.2023

HUC Meeting Climate Smart Communities PPT 9.14.2023

HUC Meeting Rethink Your Drink PPT 9.14.2023

November 9, 2023

HUC Meeting Notes 11.9.2023

HUC Meeting Recording 11.9.2023

HUC Meeting Agenda PPT 11.9.2023

HUC Meeting PPT Traumatic Brain Injury 11.9.2023

HUC Meeting PPT Perinatal Hepatitis B Protection 11.9.2023


Melinda Herzog
Healthy Communities Issue Leader
845-340-3990 ext. 342

Last updated November 21, 2023