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$2M USDA grant funds value-added grains project


With new barley variety, Cornell leads way for brewers

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Christian Malsatzki monitors the Cornell trial grain fields at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub

Field Crop Production

Field crops play a smaller role in Ulster County’s agricultural economy, but hay crops still cover the majority of Ulster County’s total farmland acreage. Ulster County’s field crops also play an important role in supporting area livestock operations. There is also growing interest in local specialty small grains production in the Hudson Valley for supplying local bakers, brewers /distillers and livestock operations.

Multiple markets are emerging in the Hudson Valley region and greater northeast for locally sourced small grains. Primary higher-value emerging markets include artisan baking, specialty culinary applications, brewing, and distilling. Hudson Valley small grains production is particularly challenged by 1) an immature local small grains economy and profitability unknowns, 2) a lack of regional knowledge, equipment, and infrastructure for grains production, and 3) the humid climate of the northeastern US, which poses difficulties for producing grains that meet modern human consumption quality standards.

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Malting Barley:

Phytophthora Blight:

Phytophthora blight is a disease caused by the water mold Phytophthora capsici that afflicts many vegetable crops and is becoming increasingly common in New York State. To deal with phytophthora blight on your farm and to prevent its arrival, refer to the links below:


Cover Crops & Soil Health:

Small Grains:


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Last updated March 17, 2021