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Crop Production

Vegetable and fruit production are the backbone of the Ulster County agricultural economy.  CCE Ulster County has four crop production educators who specialize in everything from tree fruit to small grains.  As a member county of the Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Team, commercial growers in Ulster County have additional resources available to them from Cornell University, including timely e-alerts and fact-sheets that are specific to their commodity.


  • Teresa Rusinek, Senior Extension Educator, Vegetable Production, Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program  Cell phone (845) 389-3562
  • Dan Donahue, Senior Extension Educator, Tree Fruit Production, Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Program,  
  • Jim O'Connell, Resource Educator, Small Fruit, Berry and Grape Production, Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Program,  Cell phone (845) 943-9814
  • Justin O’Dea, Resource Educator, Vegetable Prodcution (Cover Crops and Weed Management in Vegetables), Field Crops, Hops and Mushroom Production (845) 943-9808
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Tree Fruit, Berries and Grapes

Resources for commercial tree fruit, berry, grape and other small fruit production.

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Commercial Vegetable Production

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County provides research-based information for commercial vegetable growers in Ulster County. We are members or the Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Program.

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Field Crops, Small Grains and Hay

Resources for commercial production of field crops.

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ENY Commercial Hort Team

The Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Team serves the needs of commercial vegetable, tree fruit, grape and berry growers in our region.

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Last updated April 18, 2017