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Deliciously healthy, feel-good recipes from our very own resilient cooking cookbook!

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Recipes using fresh, local ingredients that are good for you, the planet, and support our farmers!

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Author, graphic designer, and creator of the famous gnome at Kelder's Farm, Maria Reidelbach!

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The cookbook club has fun tasting recipes, providing feedback, and discovering delicious new foods!

Turning the Tables: Cooking to Thrive in the 21st Century

Welcome Hungry People!

Hi there. We are excited to share the creation of our new project with you. Turning the Tables: Cooking to Thrive in the 21st Century will be an illustrated cookbook of easy, delicious, healthy and earth-friendly meals along with other info that will transform your cooking and the way you eat.

This cookbook will be very different from the ones currently on your shelf:

  • It’s got unrecipes! They’re guides to use whatever seasonally fresh produce and pantry items you’ve got on hand to create a delicious meal.
  • It’s focused on cooking techniques rather than fixed recipes, so you’re learning how to cook and not just follow along.
  • Instructions for dishes are step-by-step and fully illustrated.
  • It helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Our dishes are healthy and earth-friendly, which reduces carbon impacts while increasing heart health and happiness, too!
  • Unrecipes are flexible and customizable! Perfect for cooks and dinner guests who are flexitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian and more, and great if you need to get meals on the table every day for you and your family.

We’re inviting you to be part of our creation process. Join us in building something new by cooking any of the dishes on the left and sending us feedback on how it went, and photos, too. Testers may even see their photos and contributions in the final cookbook, and receive a complimentary copy to keep (or share).

Find the unrecipes on this webpage and click to get whatever unrecipe you like. No limit!

After you have tried our unrecipe please fill out this short feedback form.


Maria Reidelbach
Author & Graphic Designer

Last updated April 3, 2020