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Livestock Weekly E-blast

Subscribe to the Livestock Weekly newsletter, curated by Livestock Educator Jason Detzel, for livestock stories, updates, events, and other areas of interest sent right to your email, every week.

Hudson Valley Human Services

The Hudson Valley Human Services E-list assists human service agencies in Ulster County (and the Mid-Hudson Valley) with communication about resources and programs. To join the Hudson Valley Human Services e-list, email and put the word "Join" in the subject. Leave the body blank!

Christmas Tree Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The Christmas Tree IPM e-list provides timely emails for Christmas tree growers on pests, upcoming events and more from Betsy Lamb with Cornell’s IPM Program. To join the Christmas Tree IPM e-list, email and put the word "Join" in the subject. Leave the body blank!


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Last updated March 26, 2020