Contact us if you are interested in having the Master Gardeners work on your project!

Master Gardener Volunteer Projects

Contact us if you are interested in having the Master Gardeners work on your volunteer project! Below is a list of completed volunteer projects undertaken by Master Gardener Volunteers since 1996, in chronological order.

Peace Park, Uptown Kingston - Request by Kingston Uptown Business Association to help create garden plantings along a new bluestone path in newly established street side park.

Rondout Gardens Apartments, Kingston Housing Authority – Provided assistance in establishing several garden beds throughout the complex including herb & rock gardens and mixed border. (grant funded)

Seamon Park, Saugerties – Request by park board for help with overwintering mums. They wanted to reduce the number of mums purchased each year and replanting labor.

Gomez Mills, Marlboro – Provided planting, pruning recommendations surrounding historic house and outbuildings.

Hudson River Maritime Center, Kingston – Assisted in the renovation of existing garden near gazebo, including improving soil and new plant materials.

Ulster County Office Building – Assisted the Ulster County Buildings & Grounds Commissioner with recommendations in tree & perennial selections around building, assistance in selection and planting of annuals surrounding entrance sidewalk.

Kingston Library – Request for plant recommendations in community garden area.

Ulster County Fairgrounds, New Paltz – Request for plant recommendations for various areas in and around the fairgrounds.

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at SUNY/Ulster (X1) – This ongoing project was created, designed & initially planted in 2000 by Ulster Co MG’s to teach the principles of xeriscaping & waterwise gardening. It demonstrates that beautiful gardens can grow with very little supplemental water. 2004 NE Regional Master Gardener Conference Search for Excellance Award winner – 1stPlace NYS. Through garden tours, workshops and student field trips the garden continues to be a highlight of our MG program.

Harbor Lights Program, Lake Katrine – Request for help establishing a small vegetable garden for use with their youth. Youth were involved in choosing plants and planting. The program planned to use the produce for the group dinner.

Hugenout Historical Society & Locust Lawn, New Paltz – Original request regarding Locust Lawn involved evaluating existing plant material & recommendations for historical planting. Later request for guidance on pruning, etc. of plantings at Historical Society buildings on Huguenot Street.

Kingston City Hall & 350th Anniversary Beautification, Rotary Park, Kingston – Request from Beautification Committee for recommendations of bulbs & perennials to plant in Rotary Park as well as recommendations for barrel plantings, in preparation of city’s 350th anniversary celebration.

Hurley Historical Society, Hurley – Request for plant recommendations of xeriscape annuals at Ribbon Park, and recommendations for historical type plantings.

SCORE & Midtown Neighborhood Assoc, Kingston – Request by SCORE, for assistance in a research revitalization project to improve the mid-town area by creating gardens/landscape areas throughout the neighborhood. This project would be implemented with the help of the residents.

Tops Program, Kingston – 4-H summer program at JFK & G.Washington Elem Schools teaching plant science & nutrition thru hands-on activities. MG’s worked with 4-H teaching assistants.

Kingston Library Children’s Program, Kingston – Request for assistance establishing a children's learning program that involved plants. As part of this program, the children created greeting cards, decorated with plant materials & their own original poems. 2002 Winner NE Regional Master Gardener Conference Search for Excellence Award in Youth Category.

Hudson Valley Rehabilitation Center, Highland – Request for assistance to establish a year-round gardening program for the resident population of Hudson Valley Rehabilitation Center. MG’s worked with staff to establish an outdoor garden (and ideas for indoors) for elderly residents to enjoy and tend.

Rosendale Recreation Center, Rosendale – Request for assistance to design & implement drought tolerant gardens at newly constructed recreation center. MGs designed the garden and guided highway crew & residents in planting this garden following the weedless gardening method. Ongoing annual guidance & training with highway crew, residents and Rosendale Women’s Club.

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at Ulster County Fairgrounds (X2) – As with X1, this project was established in 2003 by Ulster Co MG’s to teach the principles of xeriscaping. It’s location at the fairgrounds, in the southern part of the county, offered outreach to a wider, more varied audience. In 2007, this garden was turned over to the Budding Gardeners 4-H Club.

Veggie & Flower Demonstration Garden at Ulster County Fairgrounds – This garden was created by Teresa & MG’s, for use during the Northeast Small Farms Expo in September 2004. Produce from this garden went to Plant A Row. This garden has been returned to grass.

Forsyth Nature Center, Kingston – Request for assistance in plant & design recommendations as well as a desire to expand the educational programs offered at the Center by involving MG’s in their programs. For many years now, our annual Plant Swap has been held under the Pavilion in the park, bringing local gardeners together for fun and learning. Continued opportunities abound here.

Miller Middle School, Lake Katrine - The Environmental Awareness Club requested assistance in design of a small xeriscape & bird friendly garden in the center courtyard of the school.

Mohonk Preserve, New Paltz - Request for guidance in creating a new garden with a historic kitchen theme and provide training to volunteers.

Plattekill Elementary School, Plattekill - Request from PTA to suggest plant material for a new garden at the school. Manpower and funding to be supplied by PTA.

Woodstock Jewish Congregation, Woodstock/Saugerties - Initial request for a tour of the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, followed up with recommendations for their new site.

Garden Groomers, New Paltz - Request from New Paltz Community Improvement Team for assistance in training high school students who are interested in working in the landscaping field. MG's developed the curriculum for members of the Environmental Club at NP High School. Due to scheduling conflicts with students, the training was incomplete. They are hoping to offer this program again, at a more centralized location.

Van Buren Street Playground, Kingston - Request for assistance in evaluating existing garden areas as well as making plant & design recommendations for new garden areas during a major renovation at this playground. They also requested help & training during installation. MG's gave design & plant recommendations but no further assistance was requested.

Veterans Memorial, Saugerties - Request for plant recommendations for small memorial park under renovation.

Rain Garden Projects - In 2007, we were awarded a 3 year grant through Rutgers University for training Master Gardeners in the development & installation of rain gardens. Rain gardens can control erosion and non-point source pollution by stopping stormwater runoff. With Rutgers educators providing training in each step of this process, we began in the Spring 2008 with a classroom session, followed by a hands-on installation of a rain garden at the Town of Ulster Town Hall. In the Spring of 2009, we hosted a training program for local landscape professionals and municipalities. The classroom training was followed-up with the creation of a rain garden at the Saugerties Senior Citizen Center, adjacent to Cantine Field. Rain garden training was then offered to homeowners in 2010, followed by another hands-on installation at the Rosendale Library. Three of the participating homeowners were selected to receive small grants to cover the cost of plants and materials.

St. Joseph's School, Kingston - Request for guidance in planting a “secret garden” along the chain link fence in the school's playground.

Marlboro Elementary School – Request for assistance in creating a new garden area as an outdoor learning center in an unused space just outside the K-2 building. Additional request for composting advice and vermiculture demonstration.

Woodstock Elementary School – Request for assistance in creating a xeriscape garden in front of the school, as well as providing hands-on learning experiences in xeriscape principles.

Woodstock Playhouse - Request for help in resurrecting the neglected Memorial Garden and instruction of maintenance methods. Project became inactive due to lack of volunteers.

Marbletown Elementary School After School Garden Club – Request for assistance in expanding the educational component of the Community Garden. MG's presented short lessons at the weekly club meetings during the spring growing months. The garden & club is part of “From the Ground Up”, the school's Garden and Wellness Project.

RUPCO, Kingston – Request for assistance in building a rooftop container garden at Stuyvesant Hotel. Initial recommendations and suggestions were given to planning committee, including the need to check roof load. No further activity.

Kingston Victory Garden Project - Request for help in choosing an appropriate site, plot size and vegetable selections for a Victory Garden on the lawn of Kingston City Hall.

Meagher Elementary School, Kingston - Request from a local Girl Scout for assistance in developing a habitat garden and bird watching trail at the Meagher Elementary School.

Woodstock Day School - Request for help in re-designing existing garden beds to create a place for classroom learning and possible community outreach garden.

Ulster County SPCA, Kingston – Request for assistance in creating 2 flower gardens at the entrance, in order to compliment a large granite memorial.

Gardiner Public Library – Request by Friends of the Gardiner Library for guidance in creating a low maintenance and cohesive plan for planting around the newly constructed building. Stormwater runoff is a major issue as there are no gutters on the building, suggesting a possible rain garden.

Onteora Middle & High Schools – Request from Science teacher and Green Committee members for help in establishing vegetable and fruit gardens on school grounds so students can learn first hand about local sustainable agriculture.

New Paltz Community Center – Request from Parks & Rec Director for assistance in establishing rain gardens in front of newly constructed Community Center. The New Paltz Community Improvement Team completed this project.

Mountain View Nursing Home, New Paltz – Request for assistance in restoring long neglected indoor garden.

Saugerties Historical Society – Request for design and planting guidance in establishing a colonial herb garden with the Boys and Girls Club.

Ayana Community Garden, Ellenville – Request for assistance in reviving this garden, adjacent to thee Ellenville Farmers Market, supported by Family of Ellenville, EFM and Step One.

Phoenicia Community Garden – Request for site selection assistance then guidance in design and planting. CHP (Creating Healthy Places) staff supporting this request.

Town of Rochester Youth Commission- Request for help designing and setting up 1st season of a community garden that will involve children, adults and senior citizens.

Queens Galley Community Garden, Kingston – Request for planting recommendations in raised bed vegetable gardens, also advise garden steward recruited from Mudita Yoga Studio by Kingston Land Trust and CHP (Creating Healthy Places).

Hudson River Maritime Museum - Request for planting recommendations, soil amendments, etc for gardens damaged during Hurricane Irene and suggestions to improve overall garden designs.

Feed the Nations Garden, Kingston – Request for guidance in plant selection and site recommendations at His Word Revealed Church on Rt 28, to establish a transition garden for women returning to the community. They had received a Learn and Serve grant from Kingston Parks Dept.

Renewal for 2013 Phoenicia Community Garden – Request for continued MG input in design and planting guidance. (located at Elementary School)

Ulster County Chamber of Commerce – Request for design and planting help around their sign at new location on Fair Street. In exchange, they will provide CCE a booth at one of their events.

YMCA After School Project – Request for assistance in developing a garden curriculum and planting plan for 1st and 2nd graders in the program using the 2 raised beds that were previously established.

Community Garden at the Rondout Gardens – Request for design help from 2 MG’s for community garden. They have a garden steward in place and are hoping to find ways to have a water hook-up, tools, amendments, soil, etc.

Heart Healthy Coalition of Ulster Co – Request for assistance in pre-school program at the YWCA, designing and plant suggestion with 2 vertical beds. The program goal is to increase the amount of vegetables eaten by the children.

Sojourner Truth Memorial Community Garden – Request to educate the Relatives As Parents Program (RAPP) participants (caregivers and children) on gardening techniques, maintenance and seasonal information in the community garden established at UC Family Court.

Hurley Historical Society – Request for assistance in updating the Herb Garden at the HHS Museum, which is used for visitor and elementary school projects.

Learn to Grow Program - Request from 4H Youth Development for continued assistance in this federally funded program for teenage boys at the Highland Residential Center. The current term involves utilizing their hydroponics system and developing their greenhouse skills.

Yardworks Project in Kingston - In 2015 Landscape Architecture Students from Cornell, under the direction of their professor, Dr. Josh Cerra, brought YardWorks to two neighborhoods in Kingston, NY. CCE Ulster's Community Horticulture Program, with the strong support of the Master Gardener Volunteers, provided technical assistance to the project and community programs in collaboration with this project.

Lost Lady Bug Project - CCE Ulster’s Master Gardeners are participating in the Lost Lady Bug Project with Cornell University. The nine-spotted ladybug was declared the official New York State insect in 1989; however, by 1995, there was only a single small colony of the ladybugs left in the state. After being raised at Cornell University, the native lady bugs were delivered via Federal Express to Ulster County. On September 1, 2020 the ladybugs were released into the SUNY Ulster Xeriscape Garden.

Kingston Garden Bed Project Mentors- The Kingston Garden Bed Project Mentors started in June 2020, evolving out of the meal delivery program from the Kingston Emergency Food Project. The idea was to start local people thinking about food, with the hope that they could be independent in growing some of their own food. The project was quickly funded and 4'x8' raised beds were delivered to a small group of homeowners and renters within the Kingston area. 


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