NYS Grown & Certified Program

New York State Grown & Certified is a marketing campaign to promote New York State agricultural products.  Many commodities are eligible, and more are being incorporated.  Find out more at the New York State Grown & Certified website.

The program helps to:

  • Build awareness and confidence in New York State branded agricultural products.
  • Provide meaningful food product labeling in the marketplace.
  • Enable New York producers to take advantage of the growing market demand for foods locally grown and produced to a higher standard

For Agricultural Producers:

Show buyers that your products meet farm safe protocols and environmentally responsible practices by joining the New York State Grown and Certified program.  

For Restaurants and Stores:    

Market research shows consumers are willing to pay more for high-quality produce and dairy.  By becoming a participating retailer in New York State Grown & Certified, your shoppers will know that you care enough to offer produce and dairy that is safer, fresher, and produced in ways that protect the environment. 

For Consumers:

Not only does buying New York State Grown & Certified products help support local farms, it helps you put food on your table you can feel good about. Knowing that your products were raised right means knowing that your family is getting the best, right from our own backyard.  

Last updated March 26, 2020