Caterpillar stage of gypsy moth

Defoliation of tree leaves by gypsy moth caterpillar
Image by Louis-Michel Nageleisen,

Defoliation of tree leaves by gypsy moth caterpillar


Gypsy Moth Lecture: Lifecycle and Management

  • Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Gypsy moth caterpillars are coming to a forest, yard or park near you this year! The gypsy moth is one of the most important forest pests in the Northeast. In its caterpillar stage, it feeds on leaves of shrubs, as well as forest, shade, ornamental and fruit trees. A single defoliation can kill some evergreens, but usually two or more defoliations are needed to kill hardwoods. 

This pest causes hundreds of dollars of damage to trees each year and in years when there is a massive outbreak, the costs rise. Imagine sitting outside or at your favorite outdoor restaurant and noticing caterpillars in the trees munching above your table and dropping leaf litter on you!

We have had major outbreaks in the past, and researchers are predicting that this might be a bad year. Learn how to protect your trees. This lecture, being held through CCEUC’s Community Horticulture Program, is open to the public, landscaping and forestry professionals, and community employees.

Join Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County’s (CCEUC) horticulture educator, Dona Crawford, as she teaches you about the lifecycle of this destructive pest and a few others, and Cornell’s research-based methods of managing them. 

Registration is $15/person, and the registration deadline is May 22.  You must be pre-registered to attend.  

Two ways to register:

For more information, or to receive a registration form, contact Dona Crawford at or call 845-340-3990 ext 335.

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