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2024 Master Gardener Seedling Sale

  • Friday, May 3, 2024, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, May 4, 2024, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Many new offerings! Along with some timeless favorites!

Pick up dates Friday May 3 10am-6pm and Saturday May 4th 10am-1pm at the back entrance of our office at 232 Plaza Road Kingston NY 12401

Order Deadline is April 1, 2024.

Sale Overview

Mary Washington Asparagus- Pack of 10-1 year crowns for $10.00 SOLD OUT

Purple Passion Asparagus-Pack of 10-1 year crowns for $12.00

Raspberry-Caroline-2 bare root seedlings for $10.00 SOLD OUT

Blueberry Pairs-2 potted seedlings-1 Duke and 1 Darrow for proper pollination for $30

Strawberries-Cavendish-Pack of 5 bare root seedlings for $6.00 SOLD OUT

Blueberry Tophat Pair-2 potted plants for $30 SOLD OUT

Viburnum, American Cranberrybush-2 4-year bare root seedlings for $8.00- SOLD OUT

American Common Persimmon-2 potted seedlings for $18.00 SOLD OUT

Black Chokecherry-2 4-year old bare root seedlings for $8.00 SOLD OUT

Buttonbush-2 3-year bare root seedlings for $8.00- SOLD OUT

Eastern Redbud-1 3-year potted plant for $10.00- SOLD OUT

Shadblow Serviceberry-2 4-year bare root seedlings for $8.00-SOLD OUT

Plant Details

Mary Washington Asparagus SOLD OUT

This winter hardy variety is also heat tolerant and shows resistance to rust. This is an heirloom variety! Pack of 10-1 year crowns for $10.00

Purple Passion Asparagus

Purple Passion is a unique asparagus variety especially suited to the asparagus enthusiast, whether home gardener or commercial grower. Its special, attractive purple color, flavor and tenderness distinguish this variety from others. . For best performance, plant spacing for Purple Passion is 6-8 inches apart in the row instead of the usual 12-inch spacing. When cooked, the bright purple color is reduced, but when served fresh in salads it provides a colorful and flavorful accent. Purple Passion is an excellent addition to any asparagus planting.

Pack of 10-1 year crowns for $12.00

Raspberry-Caroline SOLD OUT

Caroline raspberry has a larger berry than Heritage and is more productive, with a rich, full, and intense raspberry flavor. It is a very vigorous variety, with more tolerance for root rot than Heritage. The farther south you grow it, the earlier it will ripen. Caroline is widely adapted, growing everywhere from the East Coast to the West Coast. This variety does not tolerate high heat and drought.

This Fall Bearing Raspberry Plant bears some fruit the first fall of planting year, and either summers or falls after that depending on how it is managed.

2 bare root seedlings for $10.00

Blueberry Pairs

The blueberry pairs come in 1 liter pots for easy transplanting and quick establishment. The plants are sheared to 12-14 inches to increase top growth in the first year. By coming in pots this eliminates drying out and transplant shock.

Blueberry plants bear fruit 1 year after planting.

Soil pH recommendation: 4.5-4.8

2 potted seedlings-1 Duke and 1 Darrow for proper pollination for $30

Strawberries-Cavendish SOLD OUT

Cavendish strawberry, which originates in Nova Scotia, is the result of a cross between two varieties known for their winter hardiness and attractive, large fruit. It produces high yields that ripen over a long growing season. Excellent flavor and overall quality of the fruit makes this variety a good choice for commercial and home use. Cavendish is highly resistant to red stele and has some resistance to Verticillium wilt.

Pack of 5 bare root seedlings for $6.00

Blueberry Tophat Pair SOLD OUT

New this year!

A dwarf cultivar growing 1'-2' high and wide; a cross between a short-stature Highbush and a compact Lowbush blueberry. Abundant white blooms in spring lead to light blueberries that are pea-sized and larger. Perfect for defined border plantings, patio containers, or even a bonsai project, Tophat offers versatile gardening possibilities.

2 potted plants for $30

Viburnum, American Cranberrybush-SOLD OUT

Viburnum trilobum

A deciduous shrub, growing 8 to 12 feet with a spread to 8 to 12 feet. White flowers, in clusters in May. Bright red berries early September through fall into February, which provide food for birds. People used to make jelly from the berries. Use as a screen or a background plant, space 4 feet apart. A good wetland plant.

Zone: 2-7

Height: 8-12 Feet

Spread: 8-12 Feet

2 4-year bare root seedlings for $8.00

American Common Persimmon SOLD OUT

A native tree 25 to 40 feet in height and 20 to 35 feet in width. Common Persimmon is slender with an oval-rounded crown, often very symmetrical. The white, fragrant flowers are very sweet and a favorite of honeybees. An edible persimmon ripens with a deep orange color after several frosts. More than one tree is needed for pollination to produce fruit. Persimmon tends to sucker into groves or colonies, producing food for wildlife. The hard, heavy, close-grained wood is used for golf club heads, billiard cues, and flooring.

Zone: 4-9

Height: 25-40 Feet

Spread: 20-35 Feet

2 potted seedlings for $18.00

Black Chokecherry-SOLD OUT

Prunus virginiana

Can grow 20 to 30 feet with a spread of 18 to 25 feet. Native to northern United States and Canada. It is a small suckering tree or large shrub with crooked branches and slender twigs forming an oval rounded crown. Fruit is red, finally dark purple. Good for making jams and jellies. Provides food and shelter for wildlife.

.Zone: 2-6

Height: 20-30 Feet

Spread: 18-25 Feet

2 4-year old bare root seedlings for $8.00

Buttonbush-SOLD OUT
Cephalanthus occidentalis

Also known as Button Willow or Honey Bells. Mature height 5 to 12 feet; spread of 5 to 8 feet. Fragrant, creamy white flowers in July and August that look like powder puffs. Nutlet type fruits follow, hang on well into winter. Leaves are bright, glossy green, 3 to 6 inches long. Native to eastern United States. Definitely a wetland shrub. Thrives in wet, swampy conditions, low-lying areas, around bogs and ponds.

Zone: 5-11

Height: 5-12 Feet

Spread: 5-8 Feet

2 3-year bare root seedlings for $8.00

Eastern Redbud- SOLD OUT
Cercis canadensis

Eastern Redbud grows to a height 20 to 30 feet. Spread 25 to 35 feet. Large, dark green, heart-shaped leaves 3 to 5 inches long and wide emerge a reddish color changing to dark green and then yellow in the fall. The flowers are perfect reddish purple in bud, opening to a rosy pink with purplish tinge in early spring. The early blossoms draw butterflies and nectar seeking insects. Yields brownish black seed pods 2 to 3 inches long that hang on throughout winter. Song birds relish the seeds. Wildlife habitat. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Plant in acidic,loamy,sandy, moist, well drained or clay soil. Makes a bold statement in the lawnscape. Very effective as a mass or group planting.

Zone: 4-9

Height: 20-30 Feet

Spread: 25-35 Feet

1 3-year potted plant for $10.00

Shadblow Serviceberry-SOLD OUT

Amelanchier canadensis

Also known as Juneberry. Height 25 to 30 feet. One of the first native trees to bloom in early spring. Serviceberries are covered with billowy masses of small white flowers in racemes. Berrylike edible fruits in summer, are maroon-red. These fruits are quite attractive to birds. Fall color is yellow to red.

Zone: 3-8

Height: 25-30 Feet

2 4-year bare root seedlings for $8.00

Due to the nature of this fundraiser, no refunds will be given.


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