4-H Presentations Program

Watch this video to hear what our youth have to say about the program!

4-H Public Presentations provide a unique opportunity for youth to develop a positive self-concept and poise, gain self-confidence before a group, learn to express ideas clearly, respond spontaneously to questions, and gain subject matter knowledge. 

Youth learn about the varied purposes of presentations and how to tailor their presentations appropriately to fit their intentions. Beginners are encouraged to select simple topics with which they are extremely comfortable so that the presentation process is the focus of their learning without the stress of learning about an unfamiliar topic.

As youth progress and grow each year, they are challenged to try one of the more difficult types of presentations, to use more advanced technology in their presentations where appropriate, and to venture into unfamiliar topics or presentation styles.

This year's presentations are happening Saturday, March 11th in-person. Location is TBD. Sign up for your time slot here. Beginner resources can be found here


Melanie Forstrom
4-H Program Issue Leader
845-340-3990 ext. 341

Last updated March 8, 2023