4-H Rural Storytelling Project

4-H Rural Storytelling Project

4-H Rural Storytelling Project

The Rural Storytelling Project is a new project for 4-H teens aged 12 and up in Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia, and Greene counties! The Rural Storytelling Project aims to help 4-H teen members develop their own storytelling project and broaden their technical skills in various storytelling mediums (writing, video, podcasts, etc.) in order to bridge the rural/urban divide in Upstate New York. Youths will foster a deeper sense of community engagement, confidence, and collaboration by empathizing with, actively listening to, and reflecting on the stories of their peers and community. 

Throughout this project, participants will gain technical skills in either writing, video making, or podcast making while creating a final, storytelling project. 

What is the 4-H Rural Storytelling Project?

What skills will you learn?

Week 1 Introductions to the Project: 

Intro to Creative Media!

Using Presentations as a Visual Aid for Storytelling!

Character Construction and Plot

Last updated September 30, 2020