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4-H Forestry Program

4-H Forestry

NYS 4-H Forestry Program 

Each year, 4-H youth from across New York State who are interested in forests, forestry skills and forest management have an opportunity to attend a weekend long forestry program at Shankitunk Camp in Delaware County. The camp is the oldest 4-H camp in NYS and includes a “model forest” making this location ideal for the program.

The curriculum teaches an appreciation for the importance of conserving forests as a source of income, raw materials and recreation. Youth discover the skills that Foresters must master to do their jobs including tree identification and measurement, navigation with a compass, reading a topographic map and tree pest insect identification.

SUNY Delhi’s forestry program teaches logging techniques such as clear and selective cutting methods to understand forest responses to those changes. Many times, a professor from this program participates in the instruction at Forestry Weekend, providing information about the program and career opportunities through SUNY Delhi. There’s only a few model forests in the state. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia-Greene County also has one.

In past years, an educator from Ulster County 4-H has taught some sections of the content and has provided transportation for a couple of Ulster County youth. Ulster County also offers a 4-6 week forestry program each spring and fall, consisting of educational outings around the county.

For Educators

Tools for 4-H and Youth Educators to use to increase youth's exposure to Forests and Forest Careers

Rotating Tool Kits: We have 8 kits that can be borrowed for educational events around the state.

NYS 4-H Forestry Manual: Offical guidebook for the NYS 4-H Forestry Weekend Competition

Curriculum Alignment with NYS Educational Standards: To help integrate forestry curriculum into your classroom- National 4-H Forest of Fun Curriculum Aligned with NYS Educational Standards

For Youth

NYS 4-H Forestry Manual: Offical guidebook for the NYS 4-H Forestry Weekend Competition


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4-H Program Issue Leader
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Last updated March 13, 2023