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Listed below are newsletter and grower alert emails which are available through our Agriculture Program (for a printable version, click here).  All subscriptions are free except Ag Focus, which requires enrollment with our Commercial Ag Program, and ENYCHP's Fruit and Vegetable publications (see bottom of this page for details).   

Want to get event notices and newsletters/grower email alerts?  Be sure you are receiving notices relevant to your interests and what you produce by filling out the form below:

If you have any questions, contact Carrie at 845-340-3990 x311 or email

SUBSCRIPTIONS AVAILABLE - For an example of each publication, click on the title. 

Ag Focus:  Mailed monthly newsletter from CCE Orange and Ulster counties on a variety of agriculture topics, especially farm business management.  

Greenhouse IPM updates Timely email alerts for commercial greenhouse growers on pests, upcoming events and more from Betsy Lamb with Cornell’s IPM Program.

Christmas Tree IPM updates:  Timely emails for Christmas tree growers on pests, upcoming events and more from Betsy Lamb with Cornell’s IPM Program.

Home Gardening mailing list:  Emails of event notices throughout the year of educational programs for home gardeners through our Master Gardener program, plus annual mailing in January of all classes planned for the year.

go to this webpage to sign up for several great publications from Cornell and CCE for Field Crops producers.  

LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS can choose from an variety of publications and e-alerts:

Livestock 360 newsletter Quarterly emailed newsletter on various livestock topics and upcoming events.

Livestock, Pasture, and Hay Weekly Update:  Weekly emailed newsletter with events listings and timely, informative articles on livestock health/production and pasture management.

Monthly email updates for livestock producers with educational articles and upcoming events

can benefit from the Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program (ENYCHP), whose event notices and publications are sent on a separate mailing list from CCE Ulster and sends the following email and print commodity-specific newsletters:

ENYCHP publications require enrollment in that program (separate from CCE Ulster Ag enrollment). For enrollment information go to  To be added to ENYCHP’s mailing list, or update your information with them, please contact Abby at 518-746-2553 or email

Last updated January 29, 2018