4-H Program Leader and youth on a snowy hike.

4-H Program Leader and youth on a snowy hike.

4-H Clubs in Ulster County

The Ulster County 4-H Youth Development Club Program has 325 active members. Under the guidance of trained leaders, club members learn new skills and have fun completing 4-H projects.
 If you would like to join a 4-H club, please fill out information on the following link to register your interest: 


Ulster County's 4-H club and programs are listed below. Community Clubs are expected to contribute $100 annually to maintain active status; fee will increase to $125 after November 1, 2017. Clubs are  encouraged to fund raise for this amount. Italicized clubs indicate that we are waiting for club dues or enrollment paperwork to maintain active status.


4-H Animal Squad

Location: Plattekill
Meets: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.
Club Type: Small and Large Animal
Description: We focus on teaching our youth to become more confident and community minded adults and leaders. We are an animal club and rabbit rescue. We do not require children to own an animal to be in our club. Rabbit, poultry, goat, sheep, horse, dog, pocket pets. All bowls: decathlon, goat, livestock skillathon, avian, horse.
Requirements: Ages 5-19 with a love of animals
Accepting new members: Yes

4-H Animals & Beyond

Location: Modena
Meets: 2nd & 4th Mondays, 6:30
Club Projects: Poultry, Rabbit, Pocket Pet, Public Presentations, Gardening, Food Science, Community Service, Basic Horse, Sewing, Photography, Painting.
Requirements: Ages 7-16.
Accepting new members: Yes

4-H Animals & Company

Location: New Paltz
Meets: Every other Saturday at noon
Club Projects: Animal Science, Auction, Community Service, Baking, Arts and Crafts.
Requirements: Ages 8-17.
Accepting new members: Yes

4-H Animals Around the World

Location: New Paltz
Meets: 2nd Monday of each month
Club Projects: Poultry, Photography, Baking, Canning, Community Service, Hiking and Health, STEM
Requirements: Ages 9-18
Accepting new members: Not at this time.

4-H Cluckers and Community

Location: Olive Library
Meets: Thursdays at 4:30pm
Club Projects: Animal Science, Poultry, Gardening, Community Service, Arts and Crafts, Baking, Photography, Food and Nutrition, Hiking
Requirements: 10 years and up
Accepting new members: Yes


Location: Ulster Park
Meets: First and Third Mondays at 4:30pm
Club Projects: Donkeys, Community Service, Equine Science, Leadership activities. The club's purpose is to learn about and work with donkeys.
Requirements: 8 years and up
Accepting new members: Yes

Cedar Ridge 4-H Club of Kyserike

Location: Accord,Kerhonkson, Wappingers Falls
Meets: Sundays, twice monthly at noon.
Club Projects: Arts, Crafts, Baking, Photography
Requirements: Ages 5-18
Accepting new members: Yes

Crafty Clovers (formerly The Wonderful Kids Activity Club)

Location: Kingston
Meets: 3rd Friday at 4:30pm
Club Projects: Arts & Crafts, Career Exploration, Employability, Community Service, Food & Nutrition, Photography, Public Presentations
Accepting new members: Not at this time

Crafty Critters

Location: Accord
Meets: Every other Wednesday at 6pm
Club Projects: Arts and Crafts, Photography, Food & Nutrition, Veterinary Science
Requirements: Ages 6-13
Accepting new members: Yes

Elite Equestrians

Location: Highland
Meets: Saturdays - Once or twice a month
Club Projects: Horse, Arts and Crafts, Public Presentations, Horse Communications, Community Service, Animal Science
Requirements: Ages 8-15 
Accepting new members: Not at this time

Epic Explorers

Location: New Paltz
Meets: One to two Thursdays per month, 1:30-3:30pm
Club Projects: Citizen Science, Community Service, Hiking, Geocaching, Kayaking, STEM, Public Presentations
Requirements: Ages 8-18 Home school students as meets during the school day
Currently accepting new members: Yes (one more!)

Equestrians Unlimited

Location: Gardiner
Meets: Once monthly, afternoons or evenings
Club Project: Horse
Requirements: Ages 10 and up
Accepting new members: Yes

Growing Up Green

Location: Highland
Meets: Every other Monday at 6:30pm
Club Projects: Photography, Animal Science, Organic, Rockets to the Rescue, Cooking
Requirements: Ages 5 and up
Accepting new members: Yes

Outstanding Crazy Crew

Location: Saugerties
Meets: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
Club Projects: Arts & Crafts, Clothing & Textiles, Poultry, Food Science, Community Service, Rabbits
Requirements: Ages 6 and up
Accepting new members: Not at this time

Shokan 4-H

Location: Shokan
Meets: Every other Tuesday at 5:30 pm
Club Projects: Arts & Crafts, Community Service, Food & Nutrition, Botany
Requirements: Ages 7-17
Accepting new members: Not at this time

Sojourners 4-H Club

Location: Highland
Meets: 1st Monday and 3rd Sunday each month
Club Projects: Poultry, Goats, Rabbits, Baking, Photography
Requirements: Ages 5-15
Accepting new members: Not at this time

Swedish Zhetlands

Location: Shokan
Meets: 2nd and 4th Sundays, 2-4pm
Type of Club: Animal Science, Citizenship, Family, Consumer Science, Community Service, Food Science, Poultry, Rabbit, Environmental Science
Requirements: Ages 5 and up
Accepting new members: Yes

Ulster Cattle Kids

Location: Gardiner
Meets: Monthly at 7pm
Club Projects: Dairy and Beef Cattle
Requirements: Ages 8-18
 Accepting new members: Yes (one more!)

Ulster County 4-H Muttmasters

Location: New Paltz
Meets: Fall and Spring 10 week series, Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Type of Club: Dog Obedience
Description of Club: We teach varying levels of dog obedience. Grooming, handling and rally obedience as well as responsible dog care.
Requirements: Ages 8-19. Dog must be at least 6 months old and have current rabies certificate.
Accepting new members: Yes

Ulster County 4-H Teen Council

Location: New Paltz and Kingston (alternating)
Meets: Second Wednesday of each month
Type of Club: 4-H Teen Council is a county wide 4-H club
Description of Club: We are the youth voice for the next generation of hard working passionate leaders. We believe in having a fun and exciting time while helping our community.
Club Projects: Community Service, Leadership
Requirements: Age 13-19
Accepting new members: Yes

Young Riders

Location: Pine Bush
Meets: 1st and 3rd Monday
Type of Club: Equestrian - horseback riding and care of horses
Club Projects: Horses
Requirements: Ages 5 and up
Accepting new members: Yes


Tech Wizards Mentoring Programs

Location: Ellenville and Kingston
Meets: After school Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Club Projects: Science and Tech, Robotics, Engineering, Forensic Science
Description: These group mentoring clubs involve youth in science and technology projects to spark their interest in STEM careers and connect them to caring adults.


4-H Public Presentations

Location: SUNY Ulster
Meeting Day & Time: March 18th 10am-2pm
Description: This public speaking program gives enrolled 4-H youth ages 5-19 the opportunity to present on a topic of their choice and receive constructive feedback from 2 trained Evaluators

Tractor Safety

Location: Stone Ridge
Meeting Day & Time: March and April
Description: The course is open to anyone 13 years of age and older, however, only those 14 and older will be able to drive and become certified. Participants learn important safety skills and gain an advantage when seeking employment at a lawn or landscaping business, golf course or farm. The instructor, Grant DeWitt, is an Ulster County 4-H alumnus who holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from SUNY Cobleskill and a former qualifier at the National level in the 4-H Tractor Operation Contest.
Enrollment Fees: $40 4-H enrolled at time of registration/ other registrants $50

Ulster County Fair

Location: New Paltz
Static Judging August 1st, Ulster County Fair Aug 1st-6th 2017
Description: Youth 4-H members enrolled in the program by May 15th follow Fair Book rules to enter static and animal exhibits to the Ulster County Fair and showcase the work of the 4-H projects from the current year.

Veterinary Science

Location: SUNY Ulster
Meets: Thursdays, 6pm February- April
Description: Taught by veterinary professionals and SUNY Ulster professors, this collaboration with SUNY Ulster's Veterinary Technician program gives youth 13+ the opportunity to learn more about veterinary science and conduct hands-on learning. Unit 1 (4-5 sessions) explores the "Normal Animal" and Unit 2 (also 4-5 sessions) explores the "Abnormal Animal".
Enrollment Fees: $40 per unit enrolled 4-H at time of registration; other registrants $50 per unit, registration capped at 24 members

Last updated July 19, 2017